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RUNNATION 2023 event

Run Nation Film Festival

Friday, Sept 23 6:30 p.m.

Bellforge Arts Center
45 Hospital Rd, Medfield

Please join us for this community inclusive, family event as we watch the Run Nation Film Festival.


Whether you are a long time runner, an aspiring jogger, or an occasional walker, we can all share admiration for the tenacity and audacity of the human spirit.


The festival curates submissions from around the world into an incredible two-hour screening of six different short films.


Proceeds from this event will support the Medfield Pedestrian, Runner and Cyclist Safety fund.  Inspired by the recent death of a beloved local runner, we are committed to making the streets of Medfield safe for all.

Please bring your own blanket, chairs, and picnic dinner. Alcohol is also permitted. Consider a flashlight to make your way safely back to the parking lot after the show.

Run Nation Trailer

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